We're a workplace consulting company based in Sydney, Australia, led by a trusted team of consultants dedicated to helping our clients achieve superior outcomes.



To assist clients to achieve exceptional business outcomes by building workplaces that promote, value and benefit from the diversity of their people.

Mission and Values

We believe that respectful workplaces encourage the best from their people and achieve better results. Our values of respect, professionalism, integrity and trust are reflected in the way we work with our clients and the outcomes we achieve.

Our Work

We add value by resolving existing conflict between individuals or teams that erodes relationships and performance. We provide bespoke training programs to enhance diversity, communication and conflict competencies relationships, networks and outcomes. We tailor workplace, restorative and conflict coaching programs that accelerate insight and learning of your people. We take time to research and capture data to accurately diagnose the challenges in your current workplace culture.

The coach had an excellent knowledge of the organisation and working environment and provided a flexible tailored program to suit my needs. I felt supported. I would highly recommend DC Workplace Consulting - a great service and organisation.
The Coach from DC Workplace Consulting had an extensive background of knowledge in psychology, human behaviour, legislation and the workplace. The Coach was very approachable, easy to talk to, authentic and provided the support I needed to move forward. The resources and tools she provided were great.

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