Welcome To a New DCWC

Welcome to the new look DC Workplace Consulting website and please take a look around.

Our decades of experience working with employers on their Diversity, Inclusion and Conflict initiatives an invaluable source of inspiration and insight that informs our professional practice and evolves our service offerings.  We want to share these insights, evolving trends, topics of interest and information to quickly and accessibly to keep you up-to-date.

What’s new?

Prevention and early intervention is always our focus reflected in our core services of building inclusion, resolving conflict and developing communication and conflict competencies. We now offer a number of these services in blended and flexible formats via on-line technologies for easy access and your convenience.

We want to communicate with you more often and in different ways with topical blog posts and a short bimonthly newsletter called Insights, linking you to relevant research, articles and tools to support your work and practice. Informative, brief and packed with resources.

We are offering a range of relevant and practical webinars on key topics from ‘Workplace conflict analytics’ to team goal alignment ‘Keeping the team on track’ – all interactive and frequently co-facilitated by our experienced team and exceptional associates. The webinar program provides value adding options for people managers and employees alike wanting to comfortably further their knowledge. 

Again, we hope you like it and we’re keen to know what you think so please share your feedback and contact us here…

The DC Workplace Consulting team.

susan whillas