Conflict is dynamic, and it can change quickly. With our expertise we can intervene at any stage of a workplace conflict to successfully manage it, from assessment to a last resort.



Interpersonal conflict can escalate rapidly once it is exposed and when the individuals involved have entrenched views on what they want to do- knowing what is the most effective resolution approach in each situation that offers the least risk can be challenging- the best approach to resolution can be unclear. As experienced and external conflict management specialists we are able to meet with the parties to diagnose the conflict and recommend the most timely and appropriate way to resolve your complex workplace conflicts. 



Mediation is a strength based informal process that provides individuals in dispute with a neutral third person to assist them to have a constructive conversation about their differing needs and perspectives and develop insight as to how to improve future their workplace relationship, communication and collaboration.  We use the various mediation models including facilitative, transformative and narrative based on the needs of the individuals involved and their workplace context. 



This is a process designed specifically to assist groups or teams engaged in or impacted by interpersonal conflict in their workplace to participate in a controlled discussion and contribute to a shared resolution. The process offers all participants in the team the opportunity to participate in an effective resolution strategy, to agree to realign practices and create a constructive framework for future interactions. 



Conflict coaching is a specialised type of coaching designed to be used with individuals in conflict requiring additional support strategies to assist them to manage and participate in the workplace - it is not professional workplace coaching. There are several Conflict coaching models available that we use in different situations depending on the individual needs of the client. It is a strength based early intervention that can be used at the first indication of conflict and supports the individuals to improve self awareness and develop skills to resolve their workplace conflict. This intervention is also very effective in preparing an individual for managing a concerning future interaction.  



This is an intervention designed to realign team culture after a workplace complaint. The Team Alignment Program or TAP allows teams and individuals with entrenched behaviours to update and refresh their knowledge on the standards of conduct expected, to jointly identify any practices that negatively impact individual or team cohesion and to contribute to identifying and defining improved practices in future.