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We help clients build more inclusive and productive workplace cultures by identifying any existing diversity and inclusion gaps and enhancing conflict management systems.


Complaint Management System

Simple and effective grievance process are key to early resolution of workplace complaints and improved collaboration. We review your complaint management process and policy to optimise on early intervention opportunities and identify the steps to achieve this outcome. We also analyse your existing processes and data to promote a streamlined and integrated conflict management system (ICMS).   


Workplace Cultural Review

The Workplace Review is a powerful diagnostic tool that offers a timely response to issues of concern and converts unproductive workplace conflict into an opportunity to improve workplace environments for all staff and your business. It is a low-level risk management intervention designed to qualitatively assess workplace culture and identify: productivity improvements, underperformance, business risks and opportunities and un-constructive behaviours. Recommending outcomes that are directly informed by the insights and real experience of employees.


Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Diversity and Inclusion doesn't happen without deliberate and ongoing efforts to achieve that outcome. We assist organisations to identify and articulate their Diversity and Inclusion focus through consultation, planning and strategy development. Once the Diversity and Inclusion strategy is developed we work with your business to measure, monitor and review progress on implementation. 


Business Support Service

Our Business Support Service provides best practice people management expertise to small and medium business. It is an external resources to your business and tailored to assist your business by providing all your specialist people management - HR, IR Diversity and conflict management support when you want it, flexibly and on a regular basis.