Judith Blayden

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Judith Blayden, has more than three decades of experience working in complex business environments holding senior positions and working in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Judith’s approach and competence is informed by invaluable experiences derived from a career in teaching, psychology and law.

Judith specialises in dispute resolution. She provides coaching for mediation skills, training in conflict resolution, mediation, and developing processes to deal with conflict at work. She has also been involved in individual and co-mediation and chairing dispute resolution conferences.

Judith is a mediation Coach for the peak national alternative dispute resolution training bodies in Australia and has exceptional and unique expertise in workplace conflict management. She has considerable experience in matters relating to corporate governance, both in her professional work and as a member and chair of several not-for-profit and private sector boards.

Judith is a nationally accredited mediator under the NMAS and holds the following qualifications: Master of Laws, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Education, Diploma of Applied Psychology and Bachelor of laws.