Susan Whillas

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Susan is an experienced diversity and inclusion practitioner, facilitator and conflict management specialist. Susan is responsible for promoting the importance of inclusion, diagnosing cultures and resolving complex interpersonal conflict. Susan’s focus is employer risk minimisation and developing the communication and conflict competencies of managers.

Susan founded DC Workplace Consulting in 2007 and has many years experience in the diversity and inclusion field holding key diversity and management positions in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Susan’s work is informed by having worked at the Canadian embassy in Belgrade, establishing E.E.O management plans in the public sector, and managing both a remote Kimberley Aboriginal resource agency and a small architectural practice.

Susan holds post graduate qualifications in mediation and conflict resolution from University of Queensland, Bachelor of Arts honours from University of NSW and is a mediator accredited by the national standards board of Australia.

Susan is a native speaker of English and is highly proficient in several languages including French, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian and Indonesian.