Issue 2 – Mental Health Awareness Month



Why do so few culturally diverse women reach top leadership positions?

"Organisations can crack the cultural ceiling and make sure that culturally diverse women are able to become leaders and role models for future generations. Now, for the first time in Australia, the DCA and The University of Sydney Business School have asked culturally diverse women about their experiences in the workplace, what is preventing them from progressing and what organisations can do to better harness their talents."

HRD - HRD, 2017  •  Read Now


Strategies for resilience building in the workplace

"Resilience as the ability to adapt to complex change. But in today’s world, that means the demand for resilience is almost constant. After more than 30 years working alongside senior leaders amidst profound change, I have found that there are four strategies you can use to build resilience."

R. Carucci - Harvard Business Review, 2017  •  Read Now 


October 'Mental Health Awareness' month special

"For some reason, saying you have a mental health issue casts your standing in the company in a different light. Likewise, it is not something that we think to share with our coworkers, clients, partners, or anyone else in our professional lives because there is a lingering stigma. It has been called the final workplace taboo."

D. Hendricks - INC. Magazine, 2017  •  Read Now


Changing the way we think about delayed gratification

"If people intuitively put leisure last they may fail to take advantage of such leisure opportunities and end up feeling burned out or dissatisfied at work. Our findings suggest we may be over-worrying and over-working for future rewards that could be just as pleasurable in the present."

E. O'Brien- Harvard Business Review, 2017  •  Read Now



Noah Ferron